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Purchase Order Export Filters

NOTE:  These filters are available on version 9.5 and above.
This method allows the exporting of purchase orders by a combination of filters.  These filters include begin and end date, receiving status code, item number, and purchase order number.
The Purchase Order Export Object returns a list of completed order information.

Request Header


  • Accept: application/json


  • Authorization: <ClientKey>


  • Host: withoutwire.com


  • GET


  • beginDate – creation date of the purchase order
  • endDate – creation date of the purchase order
  • receivingStatusCode – NEW (New PO), UNA (Unassigned), WFR (Waiting for Receipt), RIP (Receiving in Progress), RC (Receiving Complete), EIP (Export In Process), EC (Export Complete), CMP (Complete)
  • itemNumber – filter by item number.  returns all purchase orders that include this item number
  • poNumber – filter by purchase order number.  returns a specific purchase order.

GET https://api.withoutwire.com/integration/purchaseorder/filter?beginDate=01-01-2017&endDate=12-31-2017&receivingStatusCode=UNA
Accept: application/jsonAccept: application/json
Authorization: <ClientKey>
Host: api.withoutwire.com
Connection: Keep-Alive

Response Object: Purchase Order Object