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Purchase Order Receipt Complete

NOTE:  These filters are available on version 9.5 and above.
This API method used to set purchase orders receipts against a purchase order to complete in WithoutWire.  The receipt is set to “Complete”.  This API is useful when reading receipts and updating an external ERP system.  Once the ERP system has been updated, this method is called.  Once called, these receipts will no longer show when doing a GET against the purchase orders for new receipts.
Additional fields updated are: ExportDate is set to the current date/time.

Request Header


  • Accept: application/json


  • Authorization: <ClientKey>


  • Host:  api.withoutwire.com


  • PUT

PUT https://api.withoutwire.com/integration/order/complete
Accept:  application/json
Authorization:  <ClientKey>
Content-Type:  application/json; charset=utf-8
Host:  api.withoutwire.com
Content-Length:  100
Expect:  100-continue
Connection:  Keep-Alive

Request Body: Identity Object

Response Body: Import Response Object