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Validator Object

In order for data to import into WithoutWire correctly, it must meet some basic requirements. Some fields cannot be empty and some fields require a string value less than a certain amount of characters. Appolis created the Validator in order to provide users with an appropriate error message when the import data provided does not meet WithoutWire’s requirements.


  • Description: A boolean variable indicating whether or not the object is valid.
  • Data Type: Boolean
  • Value: true, false
  • Required: Yes
  • Note: Default to true.


  • Description: An ImportException is used to define an error message and a field name.
  • Note: One object may have many errors. Default to empty collection.

Below, we’ve mocked up a sample JSON Validator object. A user who passed in an inventory record with a Warehouse name and Bin Number that were too long, would receive the below object in response.

Sample JSON Object

{ "IsValid: false "ImportExceptions": [ { "ErrorMessage": "Warehouse Name cannot be longer than 10 characters.", "FieldName": "WarehouseName" }, { "ErrorMessage": "Bin Number cannot be longer than 10 characters.", "FieldName": "BinNumber" } ] }