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Web API Overview

WithoutWire provides developers with a set of API’s to integrate any external system that you so choose. These API’s are used for integration to third party systems such as ERP systems, E-Commerce, CRM, and Shipping Solutions.

These API’s are RESTful APIs. A RESTful API is a set of operations that can be invoked by means of any the four verbs, using the actual URI as parameters for your operations. It uses the four HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to execute different operations.

Before You Get Started

Request an API Key 1. You need a WithoutWire Account to access the Appolis Account Manager, request an API key, and register your application. Every API request must contain this API key for security authentication.

  1. After obtaining your API key, select the API of interest. Review the API Documentation provided in this section to learn more about the format and samples to make these calls.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the core concepts of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format. JSON is a common, language-independent data format that provides a simple text representation of arbitrary data structures. For more information, see json.org.

Integration Overview The WithoutWire API includes documentation for objects and response objects. Response Objects are returned from calls to the objects.