How Will Microsoft‘s Newest Game-Changer for Inventory Management Help You?


Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Just 3 months ago, our answer would have been MUCH different. We’ve got some news, and it’s good. So good in fact, that we’re poised to hit that 3-year goal in about six months. Big things are happening in the tech space of #inventorymanagement and as luck would have it, we saw it coming.

Alright already, what is it!?

#WithoutWire has always made a name for itself by not just building systems people want now, but systems they’ll need in the future. By keeping an eye on the newest tech, software, and theories in inventory management, we try to think outside the 4-walls of the warehouse and build something that’s made to last. This time, we’re pretty excited.
So excited in fact, that we’re updating our Podcast format + concept to build off the newest news + tech in the industry.

We’re calling it: In Search of Inventory Truth.

​In March 2021 at the #MicrosoftIgnite conference, Microsoft announced their newest upgrade in the #PowerBI platform: Intelligent Order Management, or IOM for short.

This system improves on #Manufacturing #fieldservices and #Distribution processes. Most importantly, however, it’s the latest jump forward in #AI and #MachineLearning that we’ve seen from Microsoft. If this were the launch of the newest smartphone, we would be on the sidewalk, in a lawn-chair, waiting for the store-open so we can get our hands on it.

We’ve known for a while that AI and machine learning are going to be key factors in the growth of our clients this decade., and how important this launch could be for their bottom-line. It allows users the flexibility + insight to refine their processes and see improvements faster with rule-based programming that learns as it goes, getting better every day.

(If your Inventory Management works through D365 or power BI and you’re curious to learn more, give us a call.)
Building out the Inventory Platform with AI and Machine Learning are perfect for maximizing our client’s efficiency + beefing up their operations. But it would take a lot of time. About three years or so.
How did the 3-year-goal get sped up then?

IOM is built for 3rd party integration. It’s like a coding + software potluck. They bring the AI + Machine Learning integration, and we plug in our proven optimizations from our newest launch (learn more about 9.8 here). So, Microsoft gets to focus on the connectivity + intelligence of their system, while we can focus on what we’re best at: making inventory management more manageable.

The Inventory Platform connects to IOM + Power BI, and our users will get the best of both worlds: An Inventory Platform with a proven ROI, and the best in technology + connectivity from Microsoft.

(If you need an innovative approach to Inventory Management for your business, get connected + see what we can do for you.)
Back to the smartphone analogy.

If you’ve got the 2011 version of a phone, and you go to upgrade the Operating System to the specs of the 2021 version, you’re going to run into problems. The same is true for Inventory Management Systems. It’s fine to want the best, but you need to make sure your system can handle it.

In this edition of In Search of Inventory Truth, we cover the ups-and-downs of various systems like #IMS, #ERP, and #WMS. Based on their security, feature set, adaptability, and longevity, we compare them to the #InventoryPlatform. By the end, we take a look at which is best for a growth strategy that plans to use IOM in it’s future.

For now, we’re waiting for the launch, just like you. We’re excited to build out our implementation of IOM and working every day to think of newer + better ways to use it.