What we can learn from Amazon’s supply chain.

We’re all living in the real world, with real jobs. The best part of it is, this isn’t high school. If somebody else is crushing it, you can copy their crib-notes. 

It comes as no surprise that the biggest 3PL in the world is Amazon. They make weird, cylindrical robots that tell you about your groceries and servers that the majority of businesses use; for the most part, they make their money off of shipping other people’s goods. Storing them, transporting them, and doing it faster than the post office.  

How did they become the biggest 3PL in the world? Simply by working to be the best at it. They didn’t invent a new plane that can store more products and they certainly didn’t build new roads that only Amazon trucks can drive on. They streamlined processes and made decisions easier to make. They used the best + newest tech that was (and still is) available: Artificial Intelligence. By taking the headache of decision-making out of the picture, they’ve been able to make cross-country shipments daily, hourly, and sometimes, even by the minutewithout a sweat.  

If there are seven trucks and five of them need to reach a certain weight limit, the machine learning inherent in their programming can do it. And, it can pack it better than the world’s best Tetris player. Got 300,000 packages going to Minnesota? We know which trucks can make it there the quickest.  

This point is that at the end of the day it’s about working smarter, not harder. There is no reason you can’t look at your classmate’s notes for this one. In fact, you’ll probably both do better on the test if you do. We know that the biggest 3PL in the world is using AI + Machine Learning to keep things moving. So, why not beat the system?  

With our Inventory Platform, you can boost your functionality, save on data entry, and build a better, scan-happy system that works on the same principles as the best in the business.