WithoutWire Service Agreement

Billing Policy
Last updated: August 18, 2016
A subscription is a paid access period for the use of WithoutWire Software.

Transactions are:

  • Picking: line items fulfilled or shorted against on a sales order, transfer order, or other picking related transaction processed by users within the WithoutWire application
  • Receiving: line item receipts processed, shorted, or damaged for purchase orders, returns, or other receiving related WithoutWire transactions
  • Inventory Adjustments: one each per line item (excluding Physical Inventory or Cycle Count adjustments)
  • Manufacturing/Kitting: one each per product activation event
  • Consumption (Field Service related): one each per line item consumed
The subscription detail refers to the number of user accounts and WithoutWire transactions that a subscription entitles the account holder to.
Use It Free Subscription
Users with the sole intent of evaluating fitness or use for business operations the WithoutWire application, are entitled to a fully functioning version which is made available until such time as WithoutWire Inventory Sciences or one of its representatives deems it to be expired.  The user will receive notification via email and the WithoutWire application will provide this expiration date information.  Once expired, the data will be purged.  Users will have the option of exporting information as defined within the support documentation before this expiration date.
Paid Subscriptions
To utilize the fully functioning version above the Use It Free transaction threshold, users must upgrade to a paid subscription.
WithoutWire Inventory Sciences accepts credit cards as payment for subscriptions, which is monthly. By default, WithoutWire Inventory Sciences will automatically charge your credit card on file as of the last day of your subscription.  Your account will be renewed for another access period of equal duration and subscription detail. For example, if you began a monthly subscription on March 8th, your card would be charged on March 8th for the pro-rated amount for the March subscription and on April 1st to renew your subscription for the month of April.
The amount charged for the renewal will be equal to the cost of the current subscription unless pricing has changed during the current subscription, in which case we will inform all our users of the updated pricing via email. You are responsible for maintaining your payment information and contact email addresses to stay up-to-date on the latest pricing. By subscribing to WithoutWire, you authorize WithoutWire to bill your card for each subscription according to the pricing policy that is current at the time of renewal.  In addition, any transactions overage incurred during a billing period will also be charged at these same intervals.
Transaction Bundles
Transaction Bundles are directly associated with the subscription details and determine pricing.  Each Transaction Bundle is selected and purchased by the account owner to be utilized during the access period for creating transactions.
Transaction Monthly Overage Charges
If you go over your transaction bundle amount in any given month you will be charged per additional transaction as outlined in your bundle setup screen on the web console. Overages will be charged to your credit card on approximately the first day of each new month for the previous month’s overages as applicable.
Upgrading an Existing Subscription
You are able to purchase upgrades for your account at any time during a subscription to increase the transactions attached to that subscription. When purchasing an increase in transactions, the charge is calculated as the difference between the charge for the new transaction bundle over the amount already paid for the current subscription period’s transaction bundle. The new charges are pro-rated to account for the period of the subscription that has already passed.
Subscription upgrades made during a billing cycle will take place immediately for transaction tracking purposes and will the cost difference will be charged immediately. For example, let’s say that the client was at a $367 a month bundle. On May 27th, they decide to move to a $1,367 subscription. The charge on May 27th would be $97 (New Plan – Old Plan) X ([days remaining in May] / [total days in May]). Client would be billed $1,367 on the next billing cycle (June 1st).
Downgrading or Cancelling an Existing Subscription
Downgrades would not take effect until the following billing cycle and transactions would not move down until then either.
All WithoutWire subscriptions are prepaid and any charges are non-refundable.
Partially-used subscriptions will not be refunded. You are expected to use our “Use It Free” subscription to determine whether or not WithoutWire adequately meets your requirements. The only circumstance in which a refund will be considered is if you can demonstrate that WithoutWire substantially does not perform its advertised functions as described on the WithoutWire website and on the App Store.
If you wish to downgrade the rights on your account at the end of your current subscription period, you can modify your existing subscription through the subscription plan page so that it will renew with the reduced transaction level when the current subscription expires.
If you prevent your subscription from renewing either through cancellation of non-payment, your account will become hibernated when your subscription has expired.
In order to avoid charges for subsequent subscriptions, you must downgrade or cancel renewal on your current access period before the last day it is active (i.e. when automatic renewal takes place). Any charges that are incurred due to failure to downgrade or prevent renewal on your subscription before automatic renewal takes place are non-refundable.
If you wish to cancel your account and for all your data to be removed from our servers, please contact our customer service department at support@withoutwire.com and this will be arranged for you in the least time possible. Typically, this will be less than 24 hours from the time the request is received however this is not guaranteed. To guarantee no further charges are incurred on your account, you must cancel on your subscription as described in the previous paragraph.