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Assigning Bins to Items

Item/Bin Assignment on the web console allows for items to be associated with bins. The function also allows bins to be setup as the primary picking bin for an item and have an associated minimum quantity, once that minumum is met it will help drive replenishments within the system if that function is used. Users may also set a maximum quantity for the item in the bin, setting a maximum helps to direct the user to a location during replenishment. If you are not using this fuction for primary bin assignment for an item, you may also use it for simply designating locations where you would like this item to be put away to and picked from during daily processes.

This feature is found in the Inventory Operations Tab > Item Tools > Item/Bin Assignment

Item Bin Assignment

To add an item to a bin:

  1. Enter the Item Number you would like to assign to a bin and click Go
  2. Select the Bin Number from the Bin Number dropdown field
  3. Enter Min/Max Qty if applicable in Min Quantity and Max Quantity field
  4. Click Go

To edit a bin:

  1. Click Edit
  2. Edit the Min/Max Qty and Click Update to confirm new Min/Max qty
  3. Click Cancel for Min/Max qty to remain the same