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Bin Maintenance

The Bin Maintenance screen on the web console is designed to create and edit bins within WithoutWire™. To access this screen the User should navigate  on the web console to the Inventory Operations > Bin Tools > Bin Maintenance

Bin Maintenance

Bin Maintenance: Adding a Bin

  1. Enter the bin number in the Bin Number field.
    • NOTE:  V9.5 and above supports length of 50 characters, prior versions support 10 characters.
  2. Enter the bin description in the Bin Description field.
  3. Select the bin type from the Bin Type drop down list.
    • For more information on Bin Types, reference the Overview of Bin Types page in the Zones and Bins section.
  4. If used, enter the pick sequence in the Pick Seq field.
    • When a pick sequence is created for a bin, this is determining the route in which the user will flow through the warehouse to pick their assigned order. See Glossary of Terms for more information.
  5. If you would like to tie the bin to a manufacturing kitting run, enter the run number in the Run Number field.
  6. To modify the unique 2 letter indicator of an LP for manufacturing bins enter them in the LP Indicator field.
  7. To start the LP numbering for this bin at a specific number, enter the number in the LP Next Number field.
  8. Check the Allow Back Flushing box if you want to allow the manufacturing process to back flush against this bin. If there is no inventory in the manufacturing bin when a finished good is created, the manufacturing process will find available inventory in any bin with this box checked. This is best used by bulk bins where bin transfers are not feasible.
    • NOTE: The only bins that are enabled to allow back flushing are Manufacturing and Inventory bins.
  9. Click the Add button to create the bin in the system.

Bin Maintenance: Edit a bin

  1. To find a particular bin enter the bin number in the Bin Number field and click on the Go button
  2. Click on the Edit link to edit the bins attributes. See above, for bin attribute information
  3. Click on the Update link to save your changes.
  4. Click on the Cancel link to discard your changes.