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Overview of Bin Types

A Bin is a stationary location marker in the warehouse. Bin Types are used for segregation within the warehouse and the WithoutWire™ system. Different Bin types have different rules as to what you can do with that inventory. Review the information provided below for an overview of bin types.

Here is an overview of the Bin Types, definitions and rules:

A damage bin is a bin exclusively used for damaged products. Damage bins by default do not allow picking of products from them.
An exception bin is a bin used in manufacturing. If the system is configured to allow negative inventory, and the inventory does indeed drive negative, the exception bin is the bin from which negative inventory is tracked to. This bin type is rarely used and only in scenarios where negative inventory quantities are configured to be on.
This bin type is used to keep product from being used in regular inventory processes. This bin location is typically used for QA hold processing, manufacturing staging, or field service returns.
A standard permanent bin location in which a majority of inventory is stored. Examples would be racking or floor locations. These bins can be set as primary or secondary bins as an option.
Used in both kitting and manufacturing scenarios. Raw materials and components are transferred into a manufacturing bin location so they are marked as available for consumption during the production process. Multiple manufacturing bin locations are used to deal with multiple WIP stages if needed. BIN RULES Can receive directly into manufacturing bins if configures. Product on hold cannot be transferred into this bin type. Put Aways are allowed.
An inventory bin used for replenishment and is not usually a picking location. BIN RULES Same as Inventory Bin Type
An inventory location where items are put on QA hold. BIN RULES Bin type is configurable similar to inventory bin type but picking is not allowed.
This bin type is where products are received into. Most put aways occur from this bin type. BIN RULES Put Aways are allowed. Can configure picking from bin rules.
This location is where picks are staged if they are not immediately shipped. This location stored here is typically for orders in a “Waiting to be Shipped” status. BIN RULES Cannot pick from if product is associated with a pick. Cannot bin transfer from staging if product is associated with a pick.
The WIP bin type is the location where any product that is currently in possession by a user is stored. For example, if an order is picked, the products are stored in the user’s WIP bin location. Another example is for field service techs and their inventory. BIN RULES Can pick to and from.

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