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Zones and Zone Setup

Zones are a collection of Bins grouped together within a warehouse. Using zones helps to split up and organize your warehouse in to multiple sections based on the layout of your warehouse . For example, you could have all bins in the freezer as one zone and the bins in the hard goods section as another or all the bins on north side of the building could be one zone. Once you have your zones established, you would assign bins to those zones. You could also have specific users designated to a specific zone so they could only pick inventory from the bins located in that zone. The setup of zones within the system will only affect the picking process.

NOTE: To learn how to assign bins to zones, please see the Assigning Bins to Zones Page.

Zone Maintenance

This feature is found on the web console in the System Maintenance Tab > Zone Maintenance


  1. Click on the Edit link next to the zone you want to edit. Here you can change the zone name, and picking process.
  2. When you have verified your changes, click the Update link
  3. If you want to mark a zone Inactive, click the Edit link in front of the desired zone and uncheck the Active box. Then click the Update button to save your changes.

NOTE: If you mark a zone Inactive, it will remove that zone from the list. The only way you can Activate that zone again is by contacting Appolis.