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Are You Ready to be Happy and Carefree?

I don’t read business magazines that often, but yesterday I read a few articles that compelled me to write about.  It reminded me of the company I started long ago; Appolis.  Appolis is not a super successful company.  We are successful to be sure, but a few Harvard Business Review articles reminded my why I remain optimist.  We are good at survival.  The company recently turned 13 years old and despite our failures, we seem to be very good at attaining a great degree of success in part because we make creative products and we are good at converting failure to success.

The main themes I read about:

Failure is Likely a Necessary Key for Business Success

(Get Ahead by Betting Wrong) is a great story about LCD’s and Plasma TV’s and how the big investors in the wrong long-term technology did pretty darn well in LCD even if they were late to the part.

(Do You Really Have to Fail to Succeed?) At least it appears to be according to a large pool of successful business owners and entrepreneurs alike.  How we deal with failure, pain, and suffering is up to us, yet it is hard to change for many.  Those that master failure’s better qualities seem to be successful.

Creative is More Interesting Than Sensible

NOTE: failure is only one of many key components that seem to be a recipe for success, not THE key.  The next article describes another key creativity (Managers Reject Ideas Customers Want);

When you ask customers what they pick for products, their choices are often in conflict with what executives in businesses think will sell.  It’s seems to make sense.  People don’t want boring.  Life is short and we want exciting… or at least less boring.  Buys like creative solutions.  Solutions that are different and address needs in ways that are new and interesting.  Interesting.

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