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Barriers to Using Mobile Technology for Inventory Management

Top 5 Barriers to Using Mobile Technology for Inventory Management

Release your internal parking brake.  Mobile technology is changing the inventory industry forever.  So why is it some companies choose to remain on the information sidewalk? Let’s talk inventory management.

Mobile Inventory ManagementAccording to industry experts, these are the TOP 5 barriers to using mobile technology. (Along with some tips on how to help you bring mobile speed and efficiency to your business.)

  1. “Green screen and function driven mobile device menus are old and difficult to navigate.”

TIP: Smartphones and tablets – Apple and Android – provide state of the art UI using the most intuitive interface in the industry.  That means reduced training time so new hires or temp workers get quickly up to speed.

  1. “Rugged devices are slow and have spinning wheels”

TIP: Smartphones and tablets provide industry-leading processing, astonishingly fast power for rapid real-time response – and they work great in the field.

  1. Paper works just fine – Don’t fix what ain’t broke.”

TIP: Mobile technology reduces or eliminates paper and the need for multiple data entry.  It saves countless hours in tracking serial, lot, and expiration data – and it’s simple to adopt.

  1. “A WMS system will eliminate jobs – that could be me!”

TIP: A new system will require new skills and create new jobs and opportunities – including the opportunity for you to move up the ladder.

  1. “Technology is a risky investment and people lose their jobs for poor choices.”

TIP: Mobile has low up front cost, scales with demand, and subscription based pricing.  No commitment; easily understood returns.  The riskiest thing you can do is do nothing.

Take your foot off the brake and hit the gas pedal.  Start Today!

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