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Field Services Companies: To Track Real-Time Truck Inventory, Your Destination Is WithoutWire!

If you need to track truck inventory in real time, your destination should without a doubt be WithoutWire. Here’s why. At WithoutWire, we begin with the premise the field service technicians are paid to do their job, not to study software manuals. That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate solution for tracking your truck inventory accurately and in real time with an incredibly simple user interface (UI). Field technicians have easy access to all inventory related transactions in real time via iOS and Android devices. Users can also obtain accurate reporting of all warehouse inventory levels, allowing them to more effectively manage their day-to-day business activities. The second premise is that finding the parts they need quickly and easily means happy techs at the front end of the process and happy customers at the receiving end. How does WithoutWire make that premise a reality? Using mobile devices, field service technicians keep their inventory updated so everyone in the eco-system can review the parts inventory in real time.  If a tech needs a part, warehouse operators can be notified on their devices immediately, which makes for fast delivery or pick up.  Once a part is in the hands of the tech, inventory is automatically tracked to that location.  Techs can do lookups from the main screen of the WithoutWire app, searching by item description or item number, or by simply scanning an item.
  • WithoutWire supports single scan receipt of parts using our intelligent license plates.
  • We also support full receiving with scanning in the field for critical part tracking.
  • Field replenishments can be triggered by external API calls, requests by a tech, or auto-replenishment levels managed through MIN/MAX settings.
  • A typical process to move parts from a warehouse to a tech can see a 77% reduction in barcode scans using WithoutWire optimizations.
Techs can report consumed and damaged parts. They can easily track returns and transfers. All of which translates into improved overall visibility, while ensuring that customers receive accurate visibility of serial and lot numbers using our built in validation system. We could go on and on with more and more details about our field service functionality. But perhaps it’s time for us to talk inventory! We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 612-343-0404 and we’ll answer all of your questions about WithoutWire.

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