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Inventory Visibility Anytime from Anywhere on Your Android or iPhone

You use smartphones and tablets in your everyday personal life. Now it’s time to make them part of your everyday work life so you can maximize your Inventory Management productivity and efficiency. Out with the old and in with the new! WithoutWire replaces old technology with cutting-edge cloud subscriptions, data analytics, and modern smartphone and tablet operating systems. There’s no time like the present to move into the future. That is, if you want inventory visibility anytime from anywhere. And why would you not want that? We asked inventory managers which platforms they prefer. Fully 99% responded that they prefer Android or iOS platforms. Take a look at the options offered by WithoutWire. These options include Android and iOS tablets that can be mounted to forklifts and paired with Bluetooth scanners for a modern approach to inventory operations. These modern devices provide real-time visibility into your warehouse inventory from anywhere. And consumer tablets offer a low-cost option best suited for mounting on carts, forklifts, or pallet jacks using industrial cases for protection. They can be paired with a Bluetooth scanner and mounted on forklifts and pallet jacks. There are even Android devices from Zebra and Honeywell, specifically built for warehouse environments. Taking that one step further, the WithoutWire system will barcode-enable inventory movements between bins, sites, vendors, and zones. Take a look at the wide range of WithoutWire supported devices. Our clients love these! Do you need proof? We know you’re being held responsible for presenting tangible results. Not a problem. The proof, as they say, lies in the pudding. That’s where real-time analytics come into play. That’s why we’ve embedded Microsoft Power BI into the WithoutWire solution, so you can actually measure operational efficiency. Put guesswork behind you. Guesswork is a thing of the past. Power BI is the cutting-edge present and future solution for detailed analytics that will help you make informed business decisions based on 360-degree inventory visibility. It is also said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. This guy looks really happy. With his tablet mounted on his forklift he’s living the life of Riley. WithoutWire has addressed all of his needs and pain points:
  • An intuitive user interface to minimize the learning curve and maximize adoption. Check Faster processing power. Check Decreasing/eliminating downtime. Check Visibility into inventory and performance data. Check Standard and customized reports. Check Bills of lading, delivery slips, pick tickets, and barcode labels. Check Business Intelligence (BI). Check Hand-held and mountable Android and iOS devices. Check Accountability. Check All at a comfortably affordable cost! CheckQuite the checklist!
At this point, you probably want to learn more about the products and services that WithoutWire will deliver. It’s easy. Visit Call 612-343-0404. Let’s talk inventory!

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