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Observations on the Future of Manufacturing

I recently visited a manufacturer that is growing at an incredible pace. The kind of pace that I observed in the reverse manufacturing market. Side note: Another more recognizable term for reverse manufacturing is refurbishing or repurposing. These businesses buy broken or used stuff for pennies on the dollar, and either fix or disassemble for parts. Great business model! My visit today reminded me of the 3D printing movement. One of the most revolutionary aspects of 3D printing is its ability to economically produce 1 offs. Rare and unique parts or in the realm of consumerization; unique value when it’s pinpointed to the right buyer. My observation today reminds me that there is yet major change in store for manufacturing; at least for non commoditized products. If 90% of a manufacturing process can be “one size fits most”, and 10% is “yours” and “yours alone”, then value is created. Value that I believe is now becoming possible because of concepts (not solely) such as 3D printing. Cheers to the future! 20140218-205739.jpg

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