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Our blog and articles have been dedicated to the concept of sharing new information on our product, the industry, and general observations on inventory management over the years. There are a lot of unique ideas in here. Please enjoy.

Rugged Scanners vs. Consumer Devices

Over a year ago, we rolled out the concept of using a low cost consumer device for warehouse picking at a major trades how. In 2012, the feedback can be summed with the comment “Why?”.

Fast forward to 2013. A month ago, the feedback has changed! Now the same people are embracing the concept. The term “Tipping Point” comes to mind. The reasons may be varied, but one this is certain, buyers are on board with the idea that cheap devices from Apple and those running Google Android are more then a crazy idea for use in warehouses. The reasons are very strong:

fast processing power

familiar user interface

low cost


Appolis is very excited about our ability to provide the right solutions for the right needs. BYOD or smartphones are no exception!

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