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Ultimate DSCSA Compliance for Drug and Pharmaceutical Companies: WithoutWire!

The 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) aimed to facilitate the exchange of information at the individual package level about where a drug has been in the supply chain and ultimately to:
  • Enable verification of the legitimacy of the drug product identifier down to the package level
  • Enhance detection and notification of illegitimate products in the drug supply chain
  • Facilitate more efficient recalls of drug products
DSCSA outlined a 10-year plan for compliance. Several key serialization requirements of the Act kicked in this year. Now, drug and pharmaceutical companies are working to implement the next set of compliance regulations, namely: lot-level management, serialization, and item-level traceability. Ultimate DSCSA Compliance for Drug and Pharmaceutical CompaniesWithoutWire has consistently been ahead of the curve, anticipating our clients’ compliance needs by adding the requisite functionality to our inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions. WithoutWire’s V9.2 release builds on our platform to help medical and pharmaceutical companies meet compliance and regulatory requirements around traceability. Using our solutions, drug and pharma manufacturers and distributors will be able to:
  • Track inventory at the lot, expiration or serial level each step of the way, with a time/date stamp for each user that “touches” the product along with e-signature capture at the receiving end.
  • Implement traceability one step forward to the customer and one step back to the supplier.
  • Customize their inventory with a custom catalog to list only those items their customers will need and save time for their customers when they’re re-ordering critical medication.
  • Develop a Backorder Management service to locate limited access medications.
  • Allow customers to order individual crash cart item.
  • Securely transport and deliver products with 2-day ground service.
  • Maintain electronic records of all T3 statements.
  • Ensure that all pharmaceutical products are acquired from authentic U.S. sources.
  • Use Bar Code technologies to manage inventory, prevent supply chain disruptions, and ensure order accuracy.
  • Handle recalls effectively and efficiently.
WithoutWire is wholly dedicated to taking inventory management to the level of inventory science. We’re working with and alongside our drug and pharma clients to make sure they can meet all of their compliance requirements and deadlines as stipulated by the DSCSA. For more information please visit us at www.WithoutWire.com. Better yet, call us now at 612.343.0404.

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