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If your WMS isn’t ready for beta operating systems…you might not be ready.

Picking a future proof WMS (warehouse management system) is hard to do for any executive..and its getting harder.  Even the term itself is a non-starter.  The term “WMS” is as outdated as the word “computer”.  Inventory has as much to do with “warehouses”, as mathematicians had to do with “computers”.  Today, most mid-size & large companies have a WMS that works great for warehouses but sadly not anywhere else.

Flexibility and diversity of devices are front and center for so many companies in their strategy for supply chain optimization.  And the most interesting thing, is that its not directly about the warehouse.  The real optimization problem is not about the warehouse.  In a nutshell, if your WMS isn’t good at immediately supporting project sites, trunk stock, retail stores, and sales people using common ubiquitous smartphones, its already getting old.  What great warehouse management solutions of the future will have in common is their approach to inventory outside of the warehouse.

Future WMS is better described as “inventory management solutions/frameworks”.  The term “supply chain solutions” doesn’t quite work either.  The issue with “supply chain solutions” is that it typically describes features like TMS (transportation management, EDI, ASN’s, and other eco-system terms.  What is NOT common in supply chain solutions, is their consideration of ubiquitous inventory apps that work for all participants in the supply chain, including a dynamic set of suppliers, transportation agents, and customers using their phones.  Phones do work in warehouses.  Even without SIM cards.

Native apps are really important here.  Not HTML, not execution shells or frames.

A commonly known installation process of the “APP” is valuable to a supply chain design.  It’s known by children and adults alike giving your company the agility your supply may need soon.  Unless you plan to only rely on Amazon to sell your goods, there’s a good chance change is coming to your distribution network. That’s where security comes in.  Microsoft Azure AD solutions are great.  The level of authentication and security they provide through their active directory and other hybrid security services is a must have for any forward thinking supply chain planner considering a WMS.

Secure transactions for inventory must be ensured due to the critical nature of inventory movements.  They must be able reliable and traceable by everyone allowed to do so.  If a device breaks, you need to be able to get one 24 x 7.  Wal-Mart is always open!

WithoutWire is built on Microsoft technologies.  Microsoft Azure is at the base of the triangle, the foundation on which our solution is built. WithoutWire utilizes Azure services for scaling, security, redundancy, and monitoring. Whether you’re a small business, or a multi-national enterprise, we are ready for you.

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