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Dashboard Overview

WithoutWire includes 2 default dashboards that are displayed depending on permissions as defined in user security roles.  These dashboards are built on Microsoft Power BI and connect to your data to display refreshed data (refreshes data approximately every 15 minutes automatically).

Warehouse Dashboard – This dashboard is the default dashboard as seen by warehouse operations and administrators.  It provides data focused on warehouse operations including performance data and inventory inefficiencies.  This dashboard is also accessible by navigating on the web console to Business Intelligence/Warehouse-Dashboard.

Staff Dashboard – The staff dashboard is displayed on large warehouse monitors so that staff can gauge their performance and task statuses.  This dashboard is accessible by navigating on the web console under Business Intelligence/Staff-Dashboard.

Dashboards can be displayed in full screen view by clicking the icon on the top right corner of the dashboard.

To build your own dashboards, get started at Microsoft’s Power BI site, www.powerbi.com.  Create a user account and contact WithoutWire to get access to your data to customize your graphs and charts.