Complex Inventory Made Simple thru Mobile


Leaving paper and spreadsheets can be challenging.  Resistance to change is only half of the battle, the other half comes from complex alternatives.  Complex inventory challenges can be met with complicated solutions and that can feel like you are doubling down on expensive!

What if you could achieve a return on investment with improvements in usability and the following hard dollar savings:

  • 20% Labor savings
  • 200% increase in order volume with your current staff
  • 100% reduction in paper
  • 50% reduction in data entry
  • 3-to-5-month ROI payback!

​WithoutWire has modernized the mobile interface for warehouse, production and field technicians. With real-time integration to Dynamics, our solution needs minimal training to gain maximum adoption among your workforce.  Contextual intelligence guides workers to follow a process that is predictable and repeatable. With our focus on simplifying complex inventory challenges we have introduced a powerful mobile experience for replenishing inventory with a Just-in-Time (JIT) supply just when you need it, in just the right quantities.


Laboratory and medical supplies are examples of where stock-outs can literally be a case of life or death.  Who says supply chain is not important?  Lab technicians and nurses should never run out of critical hospital and medical supplies to do their job.  Gloves, syringes, and masks can be critical to their protection and the protection of their patients.  Through WithoutWire enhanced replenishment, lab closets and hospital supply rooms never run out of those critical supplies.  Cross-site replenishment was a challenge that WithoutWire had to simplify and solve for our clients.  Transfer picks, in-transit and cross-site moves all follow one set of logic within our system.  Simple, consistent, and predictable flow of goods need to extend beyond the 4 walls of your warehouse to hospital and lab closets of supply.


If only manufacturing staging had unlimited space …  A common challenge for our Manufacturing Clients.  Production jobs often span a whole day or multiple shifts throughout the day.  Shutting down the line to wait for raw material delivery creates tremendous inefficiency.  WithoutWire has constructed the replenishment logic to schedule raw material deliveries JIT.  Fully automated through mobile we take the complexity out of your required production inventory supplies.  Just set it.  And forget it.  We can drive an hourly re-supply via our automated mobile WithoutWire software.  Production runners follow the pick tasks and replenishments driven by our mobile application.  No more production shutdowns.  No more interruptions in each shift.  Reducing the overflow in staging has the added benefit of minimizing cross-contamination of raw goods.

By automating the repetitive replenishment tasks your production team can focus their attention on accurately recording the raw material and finished good lots, expiration dates, recording scrap, returning unused raw materials and conducting a proper quality inspection.

Field Service

Field technicians serve a critical role in performing installations against work orders, closing service tickets, and executing on maintenance and repair jobs.  Too often our field technicians become “logistics magicians!”  When the tech does not have the right parts, or not enough parts, they are faced with multiple trips to close their work order and/or they become engulfed in supply chain challenges … which is not the best use of this precious field resource.

Through WithoutWire enhanced replenishment, JIT supply is automated through the easiest mobile experience on the market today.  Technicians can ‘Request Inventory’ required for upcoming jobs through their mobile device and have them automatically shipped to their driveway or an unmanned facility for pick-up.  No paperwork, no data entry, and the most efficient use of your skilled workforce.

NEW!  Ask about our mobile field service embedded within D365 CRM for Field Service.  One app for the technician brings field service mobile power to the palm of their hands.  Enabled through the Microsoft Power Platform using our low-code, no-code WithoutWire Power Connector.

We hope that you will contact us to today for a product demonstration of complex inventory made simple for Distribution, Manufacturing and/or Field Service.

Steve Dwyer, Chief Revenue Officer