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Cycle Count Console on the Web

What is the Count Console?

The Cycle Count Console allows for review and monitoring of assigned cycle counts.

This feature is found in the Inventory Operations Tab > Count> Count Console

Cycle Count Console

  1. Select date ranges using the calendars to view only counts within the selected dates.
  2. Select counter from the Counter drop down list to view counts only for that user.
  3. Select status from the status drop down list to view counts only for that status.
  4. Press the Filter button to view results based upon selected filters.
    a. Press the Clear Filter button to clear all filters and reselect.
  5. Click the Delete check box and then the Delete button to delete the count assignment.  The Cycle Count Console allows for review of completed counts and monitoring of in process cycle counts.
  6. Select Needs Review from the Status drop down list to see completed counts in need of review.
  7. Click on the details link to review and process the completed cycle counts.
    a. Enter variance condition in the Recount Items Greater/Less Then text box.
    b. Select variance type from Variance Type drop down list and press the Refresh button to automatically select/unselect counts based upon variance selected.

To Recount Selected Counts:
1. Select Assigned Counter from Assigned Counter drop down list.
2. Press the Recount Items button to reassign count to selected counter.
3. Press the Cancel button to reset screen.

To Approve Cycle Counts:
1. Select Reason Code from Reason Code drop down list.
2. Press the Update and Complete button to approve cycle count and adjust inventory within WithoutWire™ and send adjustments back to ERP system for posting.