Without us, warehouse management can seem like a very complicated world.

Scan Happy - Redefining Inventory Management

Since 2001, WithoutWire Inventory Sciences (formally known as Appolis) has been creating business innovations utilizing the latest Microsoft technology and has led the inventory industry in developing solutions for tracking inventory. We have solutions for Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Field Service Supply Chain, as well as any other vertical industries. We help automate inventory processes with real-time visibility across a diverse eco-system. We deliver our solutions as licensed on-premise software or cloud subscription services (SaaS).

WithoutWire is a full featured Warehouse Management System (WMS) targeted to meet the requirements and budgets of small and mid-sized businesses. WithoutWire is designed to help businesses optimize their distribution and manufacturing inventory operations.


WithoutWire builds inventory platforms that engage your workers and drive efficiency in the supply chain, the warehouse and beyond. 


WithoutWire builds next generation inventory management technology that goes beyond traditional WMS to drive employee engagement and efficiency throughout the supply chain. Our industry experts enable customers to achieve success faster through deep domain expertise, highly configurable software, and decades of experience. 

In the pursuit of Inventory Science, leadership is more of an action than it is a position.

We believe that leaders lead best when people barely know they exist. Which is not a problem at WithoutWire, because our leadership makes problems seem so interesting that everyone is inspired to work on exploring and solving them. We also believe the world is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit. And we recommend strongly to try, if you can, to belong to the first class. There’s far less competition.

Jim Peterson – CEO

Jim joined WithoutWire bringing decades of experience in leadership roles in the cloud and mobile software space. Jim is focused on positioning WithoutWire as a strong partner in the market by aiding in the development of the company's growth strategy along with driving operational and financial efficiency across the supply chain industry.

Travis Smith - CTO / Founder

Travis founded WithoutWire after a successful stint as CTO and co-founder of Inetium. Travis has built a highly successful Warehouse Management company that continues to thrive today. Travis has led the company's expansion into iOS and Android based platforms built using Azure and other Microsoft technologies. Prior to WithoutWire, Travis spent over nine years consulting and architecting business solutions for companies like General Mills, Honeywell, US Bank, Cargill, Lifetouch, and Young America. He is the creator of the original Essential Element product back in November of 1998. Travis spent two years as a senior solutions architect at Rainier Technology based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he was lead architect for a General Mills project demonstration at the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 launch event with Bill Gates.

Steve Dwyer – VP of Sales

Steve has been instrumental in re-shaping the company's go-to-market strategies and sales channels to allow scaling of the business to meet its exponential growth. Prior to WithoutWire, Steve spent 23 years with 3M and Imation in various Channel and OEM selling roles and Strategic Marketing roles to organically grow new business adjacent to the core business. Currently Steve is leading the expansion of WithoutWire to employ smartphones and tablet based apps and expand its reach into strategic markets.