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Bin Upload

Template: WithoutWire Bin Import Template

Bin Upload

The Bin Upload document contains the following columns:

  • Warehouse Name – Required
  • Bin Number – Required – *Key
  • Bin Type – Required
  • Run Number – Optional
  • Bin Description – Optional
  • Parent Bin – Optional
  • Pick Sequence – Optional

Key – The *Bin Number field is the Key in a bin upload. You can reference an existing bin with the key and update the following fields:

Warehouse Name

Warehouse Name is a required field in the Bin Upload excel file. The WithoutWire program uses the value in the Warehouse Name field to determine which warehouse to import the bin into.

Bin Number

Bin Number is a required field in the Bin Upload excel file. This value represents the name of the bin you are uploading or updating. If the bin number already exists, WithoutWire will update the other values, if the bin does not exist, WithoutWire will create the bin.

Bin Type

In WithoutWire bins have bin types. Each Bin Type has a specific use in the system. The following options are acceptable choices for Bin Type:

  • Inventory
  • Receiving
  • License Plate
  • Manufacturing
  • QA
  • Damage
  • Staging
  • Exception

For a more detailed description of Bins and Bin Types in WithoutWire refer to the Bin Overview.

Run Number

Run Number is an optional field. Run Number can be used to indicate which run this license plate was used on during manufacturing. If this field is left blank, it will be blank in WithoutWire.

Bin Description

Bin Description is an optional field in the Bin Upload excel file. Bin Descriptions provide a more detailed description of the bin. If this value is left blank the Bin Number will be used as the Bin Description.

Parent Bin

Parent Bin is an optional field that is only useful when Bin Type is set to License Plate. License Plates are movable bins in the warehouse and they always reside in a Parent Bin. Specify the name of a non-license plate bin as the parent bin for a License Plate to create the License Plate in that location.

Pick Sequence

Pick Sequence is an optional field in the Bin Upload excel file. Enter a whole number that represents the priority for this bin in your warehouse. An accurate Pick Sequence prevents pickers from having to back-track in the warehouse while picking.