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CSV and Excel File Imports and Exports

The Excel File Integration includes three main features:

These features provide clients the opportunity to integrate with WithoutWire without the initial cost of custom integration to an ERP. Below, we detail each of the Excel File Integration’s features and how to get started using them.


Importing data using the Excel File Integration is meant to be easy and fast. We’ve exposed the following seven major categories for uploads:

For each of the import processes listed above we’ve created an import template. The import templates are excel files containing sample data that can be imported into WithoutWire. In the picture below you can see that we’ve color coded the import templates by header (blue), required columns (green), and optional columns (grey).

Sample Excel Upload Template

The data upload process in WithoutWire is both an insert and an update. When you need to update an already existing item, reference that item with it’s key and update the fields you need to update. Keep in mind not all fields can be updated, refer to each specific upload process for a list of which fields can be updated.

Finally, it’s important to note the sheet in Excel where the data is written. The WithoutWire Excel Integration process only looks for data on the page labeled “Sheet 1”. Data on any other sheet in the Excel file will be ignored by WithoutWire.

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Exporting Data in the WithoutWire Excel File Integration feature is a simple process. When you are ready to begin exporting you’ll navigate to the Data Setup page under system maintenance. From there, you will find a section devoted to Export Transactions. This section includes a date range filter and four buttons:

Each of these buttons represents a specific export process. By using the date range filter you can export specific records for a the date range you specify.

The date range filter is pre-programmed with standard date ranges like “Yesterday”, “This Week”, “This Month”, and “This Quarter”. You also have the ability to select a custom date range.

The only export process that does not use the date range filter is the Export Inventory Levels process. Export Inventory Levels will provide a real-time snapshot of your systems inventory but it does not use the date range filter.

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Data Reset

The Data Reset feature does not require an Excel file, but it does relate directly to Data Setup in WithoutWire. This feature is designed to give users a way to clear their system of inventory, purchase order, and order data when it’s appropriate, for example, when transitioning from testing to live.

Be careful with the data reset feature. We’ve given users a lot of power with this option, be sure this is what you want to do before you commit to resetting your data. The decision to clear your data is permanent.