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Inventory Upload

Template: WithoutWire Inventory Import Template


The Inventory Upload document contains the following columns:

  • WarehouseName – Required
  • ParentBinNumber – Required
  • LicensePlate – Optional
  • ItemNumber – Required
  • UOM – Optional
  • ConversionFactor – Optional
  • ItemType – Required
  • ItemValue – Required
  • Quantity – Required


The WarehouseName is a reference to the name of the warehouse where the inventory will be created


The Parent Bin is where the inventory will be created. If a License Plate is specified in column C, the inventory will reside on the license plate inside the parent bin. If no license plate is specified, the inventory will reside directly inside the parent bin.


Inventory in WithoutWire can be placed on a License Plate inside of a bin. Specify a license plate to place inventory on, or, leave this field blank to create the inventory directly in the Parent Bin.


A reference to the item number of the item that you are adding inventory for.


A reference to the item type of the item being added inventory for.  If this item exists in the system, then this field is not required.  If the item is new, then item type should be set to one of the following:

  • basic
  • lot – lot tracking
  • date – expiration date tracking
  • serial – serial tracking


The value of the tracking unit.  For example, if you are lot tracking, this field would be the lot number.  If serial tracked, then serial number.  If the item type is date, then the value must be MM/DD/YY.  If the item type is basic, then this value can be left blank.


The unit of measure for the inventory you are adding. The base unit of measure will be used if this value is not provided.


The Base Conversion Factor for the Unit of Measure referenced in column E. If this is the smallest Unit of Measure you will track for this item, enter 1.
* A default value of 1 will be used for any new UOM’s missing a conversion factor.


The Lot Number to associate with the inventory in the bin.
*Required if the item is a lot tracked item.


The amount of inventory in the bin for the item listed.