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Consume Parts

Basic Functionality

The Consume Parts function is a way to allocate items that were consumed on a Job order which did not appear on the original Job Order, or as a completely different Consumption Order.

Tapping the “<”  icon in the upper left corner will return the user to the Main Menu.

  1. Begin by tapping the Consume Parts Icon from the Main Menu.
  2. Scan or Enter a Bin you wish to consume inventory out of.
    • Note: By default the user has the ability to quickly consume inventory from the user’s WIP bin by pressing the WIP icon next to the text box.
  3. Next, the user is directed to a screen with additional text boxes where the user can enter in the following information, and will move forward by pressing Next.
    • A Job number
    • The Type of consumption that is occuring
    • Any extra notes that the user would like to add
  4. After navigating forward a list of items will appear that reside in the bin that was selected back in Step 2. The user is allowed to select these items by either tapping or scanning the item barcode. After the items that you would like to consume are selected move forward by pressing Next.
  5. This next screen the user is brought to is the count screen where the user selects the Quantities they would like to consume. By swiping on the item line from right to left will bring up a counter in which the user can increase the count by pressing the “+” subtract by pressing “” or tap into the center to bring up a counter where the user can manual enter the quantity to consume. Moving forward from this screen by pressing OK.
  6. The final screen the user sees is a summary screen recapping the items and quantities that are to be consumed.
  7. Review the information, and if it is all correct, Tap the OK button.

Common Issue found in Consume Parts

One of the most common issue that is found under the Consume Parts screen is that the user gets an error message that says “Invalid User” when the user tries to complete a consumption. This issue is caused when the username that the user was given when they were created into the system does not match identically to their e-mail address. This can be resolved by the following steps below.

  1. The user experiences the following error message on their handheld when trying to complete a consumption order.
  2. Log into the Web Console and navigate to System Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance
  3. Next find the user that experienced the “Invalid User” message and click EDIT.
  4. Next the user should be able to edit the Username so that it matches their e-mail address.
  5. Press Save at the bottom of the screen to save any changes.