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Field Service iOS and Android Functions

Field Service Features

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JOBS – To consume inventory or parts to a job, also allows user to add inventory or parts to a job.

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MANAGE PARTS & SUPPLIES – To adjust inventory into the field site by Job and/or Item number

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RETURNS – To return parts from a field service job back into inventory

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GET- To move inventory from a bin to the logged in users WIP bin

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PUT – To move inventory from the logged in users WIP bin to an alternate bin

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CONSUME – Allow user to consume inventory for an order by selecting items within the users WIP bin

REQUEST INVENTORY – This function allows a user to request inventory from a separate site, creating a transfer order for the requested materials, to be picked in the requested site and then received to the requesting site.

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RECEIVE INVENTORY – Allows users to receive inventory from main warehouse to remote warehouse or field tech.

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INVENTORY HISTORY – Users can view the history of their recent transactions.