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Basic Functionality

The Jobs function is very versatile. Depending on where the process was accessed from, and the order in which scans occur, the process will change slightly to fit the needs of the user.

  1. By tapping the Jobs Icon, the user will be prompted with a list of all Jobs. The user can then select jobs by tapping or scanning. Tapping the “<“ icon in the upper left corner will return the user to the main menu.
  2. If the Jobs function was accessed via a method other than tapping its icon, i.e. scanning a Job Number from the main menu, only that Job will appear, not the entire list as in Step 1.
  3. At this point, the user can start to consume a line item by doing one of the following:
    · Scan an Item barcode as well as Lot Number, Serial Number or Date if applicable.
    · Scan just the Item Barcode.
    · Scan the Location where the Item resides. (A Bin or LP)
  4. The system requires the user to scan the Item (and Lot Number if Lot tracked), if the user begins by scanning the Location, the system will prompt for Item/Lot. Conversely, if the user scans an Item/Lot, the system will assume the user is taking the item from the location on the screen. In order to consume an item, the user MUST scan the item or item/lot barcode, the only time a user is able to hand key information is when entering a lot number or a quantity to consume.
  5. After the Item (and Lot Number is scanned when applicable), the user will enter the quantity using a numeric keypad.
  6. Once all of the needed details have been scanned or entered, the user can tap the OK button to commit the record, tap the Cancel button to cancel this pick record, or tap the Options button to bring up an options menu (See Options for information)
  7. Once all the lines on the Job have been completed, tap the OK button to complete the job. You can also tap the Add Parts button to add parts to the job at any time.

Note: The system will auto-fill lot and location if there is only one line with the scanned Item on it.

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Add Parts

You can add parts to a Job at any time before its completion, but the parts to add must be in the Field Service truck Location.

  1. During a Job, tap the Add Parts button to add product to the job.
  2. Scan the Item or LP to add.
  3. Enter Lot/Serial/Exp. Date and UOM if not scanned in.
  4. Choose the quantity to add. If an LP was scanned, the quantity cannot be changed, and the whole LP will be added.
  5. Change the reason if needed.
  6. Add an optional note to the part
  7. Verify all information is correct (Jobs Image 3), then tap the OK button to add the parts to the job.


The options menu can be accessed by tapping the Options button when viewing or editing a record.

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Print Labels – This allows the user to print a product label for the currently selected records.

Get Next Location – This toggles the displayed Location between the two oldest FIFO Bin Locations.

Undo – This allows the previous action to be undone, removing the last quantity that was added.

Short – This allows the user to short an Item if there are no more Locations containing this Item.