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Put is a function in WoW that allows users to take inventory from their WIP (Work in Progress) bin and transfer it to another location.

The Put function is similar to the move feature. It was designed to eliminate steps when handling the movement of items from a WIP bin. It is designed for field service users, but can also be used in specific warehouse scenarios where operators want to minimize steps in replenishments.

The Put function comes with three options:

  • Put an individual item from your WIP bin to a new bin location (Item Scan)
  • Put all items that are eligible from your WIP bin to a new location (Bin Scan)
  • Put a license plate from your WIP bin to a new location (LP Scan)

Begin by tapping the icon Put from the main screen.

Put Detail Screen

1. Scan or Enter an Item, a License Plate, or a Bin you wish to move. Tap the OK button to continue.
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2. Scan or Enter in all the required information. For Bins you don’t need to enter any further information. For items, it may contain Lot, UOM, Quantity, and To location. For License Plates, the only required information to enter is the location where you will be moving the License Plate (“To” field).

Note : If you are moving a Bin, then you will have the ability to review all the inventory in the Bin you are moving by tapping on “View Items”

3. Review the information, and if all looks correct, Tap the OK button.

4. The items will now be in the new inventory location.