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Receive Inventory


The Receive Inventory function allows the user to receive inventory in to their field or remote site as well as a separate warehouse with a single scan of a license plate, this inventory can then be used towards a job, transfer order, and/or return order.

  1. Begin by tapping the Receive Inventory Icon from the Main Menu. Tapping the < icon in the upper left corner will return the user to the Main Menu.
  2. The next screen prompts for an LP Scan. Scan or enter any valid transfer LP waiting to be received in this remote site or field service location.
  3. After Scan, the transfer LP information will be displayed. Tap the OK button to confirm receipt, or tap the Cancel button to cancel the receiving process.

NOTE: You can only receive full LPs using this function. To receive POs into the Warehouse, see the Inbound Features section of the Support Center.