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Request Inventory


The Request Inventory function is a handy new feature allows for a field tech or user from a separate site to quickly and easily select items they wish to acquire from a desired Warehouse, creating a transfer order within a different site to pick and ship products that are requested by the field tech or site user.

Tapping the “<”  icon in the upper left corner will return the user to the Main Menu, or the previous page through the following process.

  1. Begin by tapping the Request Inventory Icon from the Main Menu.
  2. The user will first need to select the desired site they wish to request inventory from, and to move forward press Next. Note: if there are multiple sites that allows Inventory Requests, an orange circle appears in the text line, and this circle acts as a drop down where the user can select the site.

  1. The next screen shows a list of all the items known in the source site. A user can use the search field to filter items, and to select an item the user can either scan the item barcode or tap on the line item. selected items will appear to have a gray shade to them. Tapping Next to move forward.  There are some options that can speed up the request list if there are a lot of items needed.
    By pressing the Blue Options button the user sees a few options.

    • Select All – Selects All items to be requested
    • Clear All – Clears any previously selected items.
    • (For Cloud Users) Live Support – A Chat feature that gets the user in contact with a representative at WithoutWire in real time
  1. On the following screen the user is presented with the items that they previously selected. By swiping from right to left on the line item a counter will appear. By pressing the green “+” sigh they will increase by one, and the red “-” do decrease by one. The user can also bring up a number pad by pressing the center number. Press OK to continue.

  1. Finally, the user is brought to the Request Inventory Summary page where they can finalize their request by pressing OK, and at this point they are returned to the first page of the Request Inventory tile.

Once the request is created, a pick is generated on the destination site as a transfer order.  Once shipped, depending on configuration settings, the remove requestor will either use Receive Inventory, or Receive Icon, depending on the process defined.  In some cases cross site moves can also be used to automatically pass the products to the requestor.  Such as when the depot is loading a field tech truck.