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Site Transfers from Devices

To perform a Site Transfer on your iOS or Android device, you would complete the following steps:

  1. As with any pick request, you would enter the order and its details into your ERP system. The only difference is that this pick request would have the type of “Transfer”. (See your ERP system instructions for more details)
  2. The WithoutWire system pulls in the transfer order from your ERP system and displays it in the shipping or main warehouse on the Pick Requests & Returns Console with the pick request type as “Transfer”
  3. This pick request would be assigned, picked and shipped per your normal process
  4. Once the pick request ships successfully, the system sends the transfer batch to your ERP system; Once it posts successfully, the batch creates an inventory transfer decrease for the shipping/main warehouse
  5. It then creates an inventory transfer increase for the receiving warehouse and the inventory is transferred into the default receiving bin for the receiving warehouse.
  6. There the order is assigned and received into your remote warehouse and can be put away from there.

Note: You can have your system configured so that it doesn’t automatically transfer and that the user in the receiving warehouse actually has to receive in the inventory.