Techs are paid to do their job, not to study software manuals. Android and iOS apps are easy to install and have minimal learning curve. Track and replenish truck inventory in real-time all in a secured communications platform using Microsoft Active Directory (AD) through field service inventory management.

Field Service Inventory Management: Part Requisition

Insight into techs, warehouses, and neighboring sources makes for happy customers.

Using their mobile device, field service technicians keep their inventory updated so everyone in the eco-system can review their part inventory.  If they need a part, warehouse operators can be notified on their device immediately for fast delivery or pick up.  Once a part is in the possession of the tech, inventory is automatically tracked to that tech location.  Techs can do lookups from the main screen of the app by either searching by item description, item number, or scanning an item.

  • We support single scan receipt of parts using our intelligent license plates.
  • We support full receiving with scanning in the field for critical part tracking.
  • Field replenishments can be triggered by external API calls, requests by a tech, or auto-replenishment levels managed through MIN/MAX settings.
  • A typical process to move parts from a warehouse to a tech can see a 77% reduction in barcode scans using WithoutWire optimizations.

Techs are able to report consumed and damaged parts, track returns and transfers, and improve overall visibility of their job. Ensure customers receive accurate visibility of serial/lot numbers using built in validation. Using a mobile device, improve accuracy, tracking, and real-time visibility of your service job.

Consumption for Planned Jobs and Service Calls

You get a user experience for the tech that is as easy to track as consumption.

Every type of consumption within a field service supply chain is created with optimal efficiency in mind.  We support a variety of methods to collect information about part consumption.

  • Planned Jobs with occasional needs for additional parts. We create the UI to suit this process.
  • Break fix scenarios can involve large quantities of various parts.  We make the part selection process very fast and easy to keep the tech’s using the app.  An app that isn’t used is a waste of time and money.
  • Instant access to visibility across the enterprise.  Users can check for good or bad parts and request transfers from the warehouse or other techs.
  • Returns provide the ability to collect a group of good and bad parts and return them back to a processing site.  When these parts are combined with a return license plate, it makes receiving a snap.

Transfer Parts

Fluid movement of parts is key to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our transfer features have been through many years of refinement all aimed at handling various customer requirements.  Field techs get inventory from many places; warehouses, deliveries, closet stock locations, customer staging locations, and even other techs.  We support a variety of technologies to make it as simple as possible.


  • Single scan site transfers make site movements with financial implications a breeze.
  • Use tech lockers staged by warehouse staff for easy and secure pick up with single scan tracking that tells you exactly who and when the parts were picked up.
  • Choose from no steps, single scan, or full inspection on the receiving side depending on your needs.
  • Leverage In-Transit locations for parts that are on delivery trucks.
  • We make the tech’s job even easier by providing a “GET” and “PUT” feature that removes unnecessary scans.

Return Processing

Quickly deal with the good, the bad, and the unknown.

Returns happen and sometimes a tech doesn’t yet know whether a part is bad or good.  Which is why returns processing can turn into a  financial black hole.

Some key features that help you avoid losses are:

  • Field comments created using voice recognition on mobile devices when typing is a non-starter.
  • Comments show up during receiving processing by the destination receiver which speeds up appropriate handling.
  • Returns can be associated with license plates for job tracking as well as QA holds for a group of parts with one click.
  • Warehouse staff use WithoutWire kitting and job based manufacturing for end-to-end life cycle repair of parts.

Implementation Services

We believe our customers are most interested in buying success when they engage with us and our focus is ensuring your process, workflows and integrations are fulfilled.

At WithoutWire, we know your WMS is a mission-critical asset, and that’s why for each implementation a team of experts is dedicated to your success. Project management rigor is applied throughout a professional services engagement, along with best practices in business analysis, system design, programming, and quality assurance. We follow proven process and use best in class technology solutions to align your needs to our expertise, for a UX that fits your business. Once we understand your specific needs, our team configures the product and utilizes the quick and easy Native Apps for Android and iOS to promote a simplified and rapid deployment for users.

As your trusted partner, we bring nearly 20 years of implementation experience to set your project up for success. WithoutWire’s integration capabilities combined with many different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, positions us well to ensure our platform connects to your other critical systems. We use trusted integration solutions like SmartConnect as well as our industry standard OPEN APIs to create simple and seamless connections.

In addition, we streamline connections in your trading partner relationships and tackle EDI and ASN flows with partners like SPS Commerce.

For your freight, postal, consolidator, and LTL shipments we utilize Pacejet’s modern shipping API’s.

Choose efficiency and implement LOGEN logic, providing solutions to optimize customer level cubing and pack out rules, all through simple API connections.

To ensure powerful dashboards and reports, we utilize Microsoft Power BI with SQL Reporting Services. Our team works with you to understand and leverage a library of standard reports and dashboard modules and also ensures you understand how to configure and create your own.

    Scaling, Security, Monitoring with Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Our platform is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud foundation. Whether you're a small business or a multi-national enterprise, WithoutWire has the right solution for your organization. Looking to see warehouse performance using Microsoft Azure? Contact us now!

    Whether you’re a small business, or a multi-national enterprise, we have the cutting-edge technology your organization needs. Azure provides a consistent, familiar, and stable environment on an unparalleled global scale that stretches across 30 regions worldwide to ensure top performance at all times. For example, Microsoft Azure enables the AccuWeather team to respond to 10 billion requests for crucial weather data per day.

    Analyze Data and Share Insights on Any Device

    Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view of key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place, updated in real time, and available on all Android, iPhone devices, and from your web browser.

    With one click, users can explore and redesign the data behind their dashboards using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy. Looking to see warehouse performance using Microsoft Power BI? Contact us now!

    WithoutWire has harnessed this power for providing world-class business intelligence within our inventory management solution. Sitting on Microsoft Azure, Power BI adds a level of business intelligence without equal.

    Adaptable WMS Designed for Seamless Integration

    By leveraging real-time communications and integrations with partners like Microsoft, users are able to remove time and paperwork necessary to enter job results. WithoutWire's advanced functionality and user interface allow the user to order, receive, process, and ship inventory. Androids, iPhones, and tablets are no longer off limits. By using native camera scanning or semi-rugged enclosures for rapid scan capabilities, each user has the ability to utilize their own device or leverage the tools that you have already invested in. Users are able to track inventory, report consumed and/or damaged parts, track returns and transfers, and improve delivery accuracy, just to name a few advantages of WithoutWire WMS.

    Without question, WithoutWire Compatibility works on the right device for whatever the job.

    And on top of that, we’re accelerating our movements into the devices of everyday life, like smartphones and tablets. If it’s already a part of life, it’s a simple, easy step to make it a part of work through WithoutWire compatibility options.

    Rugged Handhelds and Forklift Mounted Tablets
    With new innovations from Honeywell and Zebra, rugged devices are the most powerful scanning devices in rugged environments on the planet.  They can withstand the most brutal abuse on the job.  Since processing power and user experience are key, Android and iOS tablets can be mounted to forklifts and paired with Bluetooth scanners for a modern approach to inventory operations.

    Consumer Phones are a great choice for outside of the four walls of a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Android and iPhones can also be great for management oversight and for fast visibility to inventory anytime. Temporary labor or volunteer activities are also a great fit for consumer phones.

    Consumer Tablets are low cost options best suited for mounting on carts, forklifts, or pallet jacks. They are almost always Bluetooth paired to a scanner. Consumer tablets are mounted using industrial cases for protection and in some cases tied to the battery on forklifts and pallet jacks.

    The inventory platform for anywhere.

    Whether you're a global logistics provider, large retailer, or managing large scale disaster relief supplies, speed and agility to move goods no matter what the conditions are, is paramount.