For setting up printers for WithoutWire , there are 2 main steps.

1) Setting up the physical network printer on the local server hosting WithoutWire
2) Linking the printer to WithoutWire within the web console

NOTE: If your setting up a Zebra Thermal Printer, follow the instructions found under the section Configuring a Zebra thermal printer in WithoutWire after your complete these steps below.

Step 1: From Devices and Printers window, click Add a Printer printimg1

Step 2: Click Add a local printer

Step 3: Click on Create a new port, select Type of port of Standard TCP/IP Port and click Next button. printimg3

Step 4: Enter Hostname or IP address of printer. Port name will be assigned automatically. If multiple printers are setup at the same IP address, port name will automatically include a sequence number to make it unique. Click Next button to continue.

Step 5: Select the print driver and click the Next button.


Step 6: If printer driver already exists, the version dialog will appear. Select “Use the driver that is currently installed” and click Next button.

Step 7: Enter Printer Name. This name must match the printer name setup in the WoW system. Click Next button. printimg7

Step 8: Select “Share this printer so that others on your network can find and use it” and use the Share Name the same as the printer name. Click the Next button.


Step 9: “Set as the default printer” does not need to be selected (Optional). Click Print a test page to verify setup. After test page prints, click the Finish button.


Setting up your printer in the WoW Web Console:


Step 1: Select Add/Edit Warehouse Printer found under System Maintenance Tab


Step 2: If printer is not setup in WoW:
a) Enter the hostname or IP address of the WoW web server into Printer Path.
b) Enter the printer name. (This should match on WoW web server and local computer.)
c) Set Printer Type to Zebra for label printers or Laser.
d) Click Add button to add the printer.

Step 2: If printer is already setup in WoW:
a) Verify Printer Path is set to the hostname or IP address of the WoW web server.
b) Verify Printer Name matches printer name on WoW web server.
c) Verify Printer Type is Zebra for label printers or Laser.
d) Click Update to save changes.