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#2 – Receive, Put Away, Pick

WithoutWire was built to solve a paradox.  You need simple to use, but able to accomplish complex inventory process flows.  This paradox can lead to the impression that WithoutWire is too simple for your most complex scenarios.  To help support your inventory experiments, we provide with support as well as access to our product consultants.  However, sometimes you just need to watch a video or two.
Below we have included a quick start to using the mobile scanning app.  It gets you through the basics of receiving, put away to inventory locations, and picking inventory to fulfill pick requests.  For more advanced inventory explorers, we have described two technologies that can help more complex process needs.  Enjoy.

In this lab, your going to need to know how to do receiving, put away, and picking.  If you want to review the default configuration settings, you can find them on the web console under the “System Maintenance” tab.  To learn more about these three operations, here are a few links to help you get started:

Receiving on the mobile App – check out how you can do a direct put away under the “OPTIONS” button.
Put Away from the mobile App – describes how the destinations are displayed to the user.
Picking from the mobile App – to do wave sets, you first know how to pick.


Picking wave sets are a great way to help drive efficiency in pick requests.  They help to combine multiple pick requests into 1 wave.  Wave sets are commonly used in the following scenarios:
1) You have many small orders for the same inventory part.   You can combine them into 1 pick so that you don’t have all the additional foot traffic to the bin location.
2) You want to do have a QA process to double check accuracy.  Under this scenario, you can setup the configuration setting for Wave Set Post Pick Action to “Two Step Pick

Once the wave set is picked, then there are a series of configuration settings that you can adjust as an admin on the web console.  For more information, check out wave set in the knowledgebase.

This video will show you how to setup a wave set manually.  NOTE: If you want to automatically create a wave sets, contact Support.
labissue2video3Additional configurations that require assistance from support:


If this configuration is set to CustomerPONumber, then all child orders within a wave set order created from the console, must have the same customer PO number on the order header.
Default is unused.

WaveSetTwoStepPick AutoAssignChildOrders = TRUE
If set, then after a wave set is completed, it will auto assign the child orders for picking.  If set to false, then assignment is required before proceeding to pick the child orders.
Default is false.