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Warehouse Management System Defined

What is WMS?

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is a key aspect to the supply chain. Its primary purpose is to control the movement and storage of inventory within a warehouse.

A WMS will control such processes as receiving, picking, packing, shipping, and direct or optimized put-away based on real-time information and bin utilization.

Features will vary based on the WMS provider. However, it is typical for product offerings to include manufacturing, integration to third party shipping tools, integration abilities within multiple ERP systems, and remote modules that can extend the four warehouse walls.

Warehouse management systems utilize data capture technology through devices such as barcode scanners, laptops, smart phones or tablets. Once data has been collected, it is common for an integration process to run that will sync inventory transactions with an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics products and provide real-time visibility of all transactions.

The right WMS system will offer robust reporting capabilities. Reports should include inventory reporting, full recall reporting, and historical reporting for movement tracking. Timeliness of data, presented in clear and concise reports, is the key to making quick, accurate decisions for any business.

Through proper research and the right provider, a WMS can help to resolve many common distribution pain points. Pain points can range from inventory tracking and movement control to real-time visibility of your daily warehouse operations.

WithoutWire is a full-featured WMS solution that utilizes the latest technology from Microsoft to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, process the associated transactions, and provide real-time and web-based visibility. Automation of warehouse processes deliver value and return on investment justification via efficiencies gained in both inventory and labor optimization.

Lot, Serial, and Expiration Date Tracking Made Easy WithoutWire has full support for all your inventory needs. Using a layer of License Plate intelligence unique to the industry, excessive scanning is minimized and duplicate data entry is eliminated. Utilizing WithoutWire simplifies transactions within your ERP accounting system.

Real-time KPI’s and Reporting WithoutWire removes the need to depend on posting batches to keep your operations continuously running.

From Receiving to Shipping WithoutWire offers the most efficient way to ensure your orders are out of the door accurately and on time in 3 easy steps. Whether your orders need to be picked one at a time, in batches, by zone or in waves, the WithoutWire Pick/Pack/Ship function reduces overhead, increases efficiency and provides order and inventory traceability.

Site Transfer and In-Transit Out of site, but not out of mind, WithoutWire provides visibility to the inbound overseas containers, inventory between sites, or the outbound inventory that has not yet reached its final destination.