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Assigning Purchase Orders

Why Assign POs?

There are three ways to assign Purchase Orders to users via the Web Console. The first is from the Inbound Console, by filtering by the “Unassigned” Status. The other two are the receiving assignments pages.

Assigning is a step that is required to begin processing receipts on an iOS or Android device. Assignments can be automatic or manual based on configuration settings. For organizations using manual receiving, assignments are done from the web console. Auto Assign is set at the “Purchase Order Type” level. To configure, please set the field “AllowAutoAssign” to true on the Self Configuration Settings page.

Assigning POs from The Inbound Console

To assign purchase orders, navigate to “Inbound/Receiving Console”.

Assign PO

  1. You can assign a PO by first selecting “Unassigned” in the status dropdown and click the Filter button.
  2. At the next screen (See Receiving Assignments: Image) select the checkbox beside each order you wish to assign and click on the Assign button.
  3. Next, select the POs to assign to the user using the arrows, see Step 7 for arrow explanation, and click the Update button.
  4. Select the users you want to assign using the arrows and click the Update button (See Receiving Assignments: Image 5).
  5. Receiving Assignments: Image 3 shows an alternate way to assign purchase orders. Receiving Assignments is found under inbound on the header on the left of the page.
  6. Here you select the purchase order to assign from the drop down box.
  7. Next, select the users to assign the PO to with the arrows (See Receiving Assignments: Image 5) and click the Update button.

receiving assignment by po

Assigning POs from the Assignments Page

Receiving Assignments allows a user to assign any number of users to a single order at a time, while Receiving Assignments by User allows any number of purchase orders to be assigned to a single order at a time. The above process of assigning via the Inbound console uses the Receiving Assignments page. You can navigate to this page without going through the inbound console as well.

The process for using the Receiving Assignments page is the same as explained above, except only a single order can be chosen from a combo box at a time.

Below are the instructions for using the Receiving Assignments by User page.
receiving assignment by user

  1. Receiving Assignments by User is also located under the inbound header.
  2. Here you select the user that has access to the receiving functions (the Security section will explain user access) using the drop down box.
  3. Next, select the POs to assign to the user using the arrows, see Step 7 for arrow explanation, and click the Update button.

NOTE: “View Order Assignment by Receiver” and “View Receiving Assignment by Order” are links within the assignment screen that allows toggling between the two options.