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Process Receipt

When to Use Process Receipt

Process Receipt is used to receive against a PO while on the Web console. This page is typically used when there is an issue with handheld receiving, or in other special cases. This is because the user receiving via the web is most likely not at a receiving staging location while using this feature. Because of this only a subset of the full receiving features are available when using this method.

Receiving on The Web

Only a single PO can be received against at a time. In order to use a PO with Process Receipt, the PO must be in one of the following statuses: Unassigned, Waiting For Receipt, or Receiving In Progress. To find out which status POs are in, a user has the ability to filter by these in the Inbound Console. Below are the steps required to use Process Receipt.

This feature is found in the Inbound Tab > Process Receipt

process receipts

  1. Enter the PO number in the PO Number field.
  2. Choose a receiving bin to receive in to from the Bin Number dropdown box. This is important, because if the bin is not chosen, the transactions cannot be completed.

At this point the page should have changed to show two tables, containing the line items on the Purchase Order. The first grid allows for new transactions to be entered, and the second allows users to review previous transactions made against the receipt.

  1. For any line, Enter in the received quantity, the damaged quantity, and the lot number/serial/expiration date (if applicable based on item type)
  2. To commit the current entered information click the Commit Transactions button.
  3. At any point, once no more transactions need to be committed, click the Receiving Complete button.
  4. No more receiving can be done on this PO, but the details can still be reviewed on the Inbound Console