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Put Away from iOS and Android Devices

Basic Functionality

  1. Begin by tapping the Put Away icon from the main WoW menu. You can also get to put away/move through receiving, and selecting an item and pressing on Move
  2. First select the item from the list by tapping or scanning. You can also select or scan a License Plate to put away.
    Put Away
  3. Scan/Enter the location to move the item to.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the quantity you want to move and the Unit of Measure (UOM) you want.

Note: If you are putting away a full LP, there will be no quantity or UOM.
5. Review the information in the final screen to validate data.

6. Tap the OK button to finish the product to put away to the entered location.

Note: You can also review this information in the Inventory History report. Only user that have been given access to the Inventory History Report through the security settings on the Web Console will have access to this report.