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Auto-Posting Inventory Transactions in Dynamics GP

Inventory Transactions in Dynamics GP: One thing that Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect or web services cannot do is auto post batches in Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP does not have any feature to programmatically post batches, and there is no standard option or feature that will allow you to automatically post batches in GP or even schedule batch posting. You can use the Series Post or Master Posting windows in GP to post multiple batches at once, but that process must be activated manually by a GP user and must be performed separately in each company. If you have dozens or hundreds of companies with intercompany batches in each, posting batches can be a very tedious and time consuming process.

Some of our Clients have requested Auto-Posting recommendations from WithoutWire. Several of our Clients have successfully implemented one of these two options listed below.  If you have questions about Inventory Transactions in Dynamics GP or if auto-posting is important to your business and inventory workflow – we recommend that you check out these tools:

eOne Solutions – SmartPost for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Envisage Software – PostMaster for GP

For more information on integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out this link.