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Add Bins

The Bins feature allows users to seamlessly add bins to their system on the fly from their mobile device.


Bin Type:

  • Type of bin being created

Bin Sequence:

  • A number that determines the order of picking. Value must be between 1 and 9999


The Bins function allows users to create bins on the fly from the mobile device. Selecting this feature will initially display a list of current bins in the system to the user. The list contains bins of all types including default bins, such as RcvBin1 and DmgBin1.

Pressing the scan button in top right corner will allow new bins to be scanned. If the user scans an existing bin, a friendly warning will display and the user will remain on the list screen.

After scanning a new bin number, the user will be brought to the Add Bin details screen. Here is where a bin type is selected. Tap the fields to edit the values. Bin Types field will bring the user to a list of bin types currently supported by WithoutWire.

Editing the Bin Sequence will alter the order items are picked.

Pressing OK button will add the Bin to the system and will allow it to be used in normal operations.