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Add Items

The Items function allows users to simply and effectively add items to their system where they did not exist before.



  • A line of text describing the item that is being entered

Item Type/Core Value:

  • A tracking indicator. Selecting anything other than basic allows additional information


  • The amount of the item being added to the system

Unit of Measure:

  • An indicator for how the item is worked with

Bin Number:

  • A string value that represents where the item is being added


Upon loading, the items function will display a list of items that are already in the system. Scanning a new item barcode will bring the user to the Item Details screen. Here the user can enter specific details of the item and enter a quantity as well as specifying a bin to add inventory to. All fields are required.

Selecting the Item Type will bring the user to the Item Type screen. Here they will be able to choose from the four current types the WithoutWire system supports. They include: Basic, Lot Tracking, Serial Tracking, and Expiration Tracking.

If the user chooses anything other than Basic Item, there will be an additional field added to the details screen. They will be able to enter a specific tracking value to the inventory that will be added. Serial Tracking will default the quantity to 1, as Serial values are unique to individual items.

Selecting the UOM Type will bring the user to the Unit of Measure Type screen. Here they will be able to choose from the default or current units of measure that have been imported into the database. Examples include: Each, Case, lb, or kg.

When selecting a bin to add the inventory to, the user will be given a select list of bins. Currently the only bins type that may be used is Inventory.

When finished, pressing the OK button will create the item and add the inventory with the specified values.

If the user is looking to add inventory of an existing item, this can be done as well. Simply scan the existing barcode and the details screen will pop up. Certain fields will be pre-populated and disabled from editing (Description, Item Type, and UOM).

This functionality is similar to an Inventory Adjustment but will only create inventory, not add to existing inventory. To adjust quantities that already exist, please refer to Inventory Adjustment.