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Main Screen Scans

The Main Screen Scan on the iOS/Android mobile devices,is a feature that allows a user to scan from the main screen of the device and pull up information on a specific bin, item or license plate. The information includes item number, item description, core value (Lot, Date or Serial Number), quantity, primary and secondary bin locations, an indication if item is on hold indicated in red below. This functionality can be very useful for all users including the management team within the warehouse.
An example of when this could be used is: you are walking in your warehouse and you notice a pallet of product sitting in the middle of the aisle and would like to see where this inventory belongs, so the user would scan the License Plate tied to the pallet.

By using the Main Screen Scan on your iOS device to scan the Bin label, it will show all items and quantities in that bin.

If you scan an LP, it should show all the items on the LP

If you scan an Item or Item/Lot barcode, you can see exactly where all of the inventory for that Item is located

If you scan an order label, it will show all the items on that order

On the iOS/Android device, if you swipe from the right to the left, as shown above, the user will see a banner with several different options:

  • History – Allows the user to see the History of the selected item or LP
  • Count – Allows the user to generate a cycle count for the selected item – this count will still need to be assigned to a user, via the web console
  • Acquire Barcode – Allows the user to assign an alternate barcode/UPC to an item
  • Adjust – This button is security based and will only be visible if the logged in user has access to inventory adjustments. This allows the user to do an inventory adjustment of the selected item.
  • Print Label – This will allow the user to print a label for the selected item or LP