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The Replenish function is used in unison with the Primary Bin functionality, in which a user has set up a minimum and maximum inventory level for a single or multiple items. Review Setting up Primary Bins for the steps needed to create primary bins, to trigger this replenishment process.

  • To begin, a user can view what the current Maximum and Minimum level, that are set up for a bin which can be viewed on the Web Console by going to Inventory Operations > Item Tools > Item/Bin Assignment. 

  • After the item with the primary bin has been set up, and has gone below the minimum level that was issued; the WithoutWire system will auto generate an replenishment move on the mobile device.
  • To process this replenishment, the user should now log into the mobile device, and navigate to the Replenish tile, tapping on it.
  • Once within the Replenish tile, the user will notice any items/primary bins that are below their minimum levels. In addition to this information one will see the number that they will need to move in order to restock this item to the maximum.

  • By tapping/scanning the item number one wishes to restock, the user is brought to a screen where they can select a bin that they can move inventory from to replenish the remaining quantities. The user selects this bin by tapping/scanning the bin number.

  • After selecting the bin they wish to move materials from the user is finally brought to the move screen where the user can now enter the quantity that is needed to replenish the maximum, finalize the move by pressing OK.