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Activate/Inactivate License Plate

Viewing this page on the web console allows users to examine all license plates in WithoutWire, by their activation status. Users may activate an inactive license plate or they may make an empty active license plate inactive. Read more about how to activate license plates below.

This feature is found in the Inventory Operations Tab > License Plate Tools > Activate/Inactivate License Plate

LP Activate

  1. Enter the bin location for the license plates needed in the Location field.
  2. Select the active status from the Select: drop down box.
  3. Click the Go button.
  4. All license plates in the chosen bin, with the selected status will be listed.
  5. To select a license plate check the box or click the Select All link to choose all license plates listed.
  6. Next click on the Activate button or Inactivate button to edit the status.

NOTE: An active license plate that has inventory on it, may NOT be marked inactive. A configuration can be made to automatically set all active license plates that have been emptied to inactive. Contact support for further information.