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Kit Assembly Maintenance

Kit assembly maintenance will allow users to modify what raw materials were used in a kit (BOM) after it is created.

This feature is found in the Inventory Operations Tab > Manufacturing > Kit Assembly Maintenance

  1. Enter the License Plate that was created during the process and click GO
  2. Select the Item or finished good that was created.
  3. Confirm the kit description and quantity for that item, see image below.
    Kitting Maint IMG1
  4. To modify an item from the Bill Of Materials, click on Edit
  5. Confirm the component you wish to replace and enter the item you wish to replace it with.
  6. Click Go
    Kit Maint IMG2
  7. Select the Bin Path where the new item is coming from.
  8. Enter the appropriate Lot/Serial/Exp. Date
  9. Enter the appropriate Quantity
  10. Click Submit Change to accept the replacement or Cancel to go back to Step 3