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Mobile Job Manufacturing

Job Based manufacturing on the mobile device, relates to manufacturing jobs that were previously created either manually through the Add Manufacturing Job process or through integration. Please review the manual processes of the Web Manufacturing Console and the Add Manufacturing Job posts as the following steps outline how a user will activate and convert the component items into a finished good.

  1. Before a user can process Job based manufacturing on the mobile device log into the Web Console and navigate to Inventory Operations > Manufacturing > Manufacturing Console.
  2. On this screen the user should press the Filter, and after they are redirected to a screen showing all available Manufacturing Jobs that have been created.
  3. The user should click Details located on the far right of the line, for the particular Manufacturing Job they wish to activate.
  4. After being provided this activating LP, the user should now log into their mobile device and navigate to the LP Operations tile in the WithoutWire mobile application.
  5. Once in the LP Operations screen the user is prompt to Scan or Enter the LP number that was provided.
  6. When the LP has been scanned, there will be two buttons that become active. Their functions are:
    • Activating Manufacturing: This options allows the user to continue with the manufacturing process by activating the LP.
    • Destroy License Plate: This option allows the user to delete the License Plate, and in turn canceling the Manufacturing Job. 
  7. Next by pressing the Activate Manufacturing button the user is also granted 2 new options those being the following:
    • Active: Which will activate the original quantity that the job was created for
    • Update: Which will allow the user to update and add more/less of the finished good to the LP.
  8. After completion of the Activation of the LP the user gets a success message, as well as notice the two previous buttons that were inactive back in step 6. the functions of these 2 new active buttons are the following:
    • Place On Hold: User can place an LP on/off hold depending on the hold status the items are on.
    • License Plate Details: Allows the user to view the contents on this particular LP.