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Web Manufacturing Console

The Manufacturing Console is used to review the status of all manufacturing jobs. Jobs can be filtered by beginning and ending dates on the calendar. Clicking on Filter will display the jobs corresponding to those dates. If no dates are selected, all manufacturing jobs will be displayed (see image below).

mfgconsole The button Add Job will display the Add Manufacturing Job screen when clicked.

The Print Report button will display a report that lists all incomplete Manufacturing Jobs.

To view any heading in ascending or descending order, click on any section in blue such as Job # and Finished Good etc..

Click on a page number at the bottom of the chart to view that page.

Click on the Details of a job to view the details of a job. Here you will see what job number was created, for what item, what the base UOM is, how many LP’s are reserved, the quantity per LP, when the job was created, and if/when it was completed.

Here the LP’s that have not been activated can be deleted from the manufacturing job by checking the corresponding check box or and entire job can be deleted by clicking on the Check All link and then clicking on Delete.