Without the ability to fulfill customer orders quickly, customers will look elsewhere.  Techniques such as replenishment deliveries, cross docking, and crowdsourced solutions for competing with the Amazon effect is available in WithoutWire for Micro-Fulfillment Solutions.

Micro-Fulfillment Solutions: Expedite Order Fulfillment

The days of fulfillment forgiveness are over.

Picking is usually the most important process in inventory processing science.  With e-commerce changing retail forever, you need to change your strategy for supply chain.

We augment retail brick and mortar with an integrated order fulfillment strategy for the edges of inventory.  We work to avoid one thing; shorted products.

  • Secured and authenticated users can download an app and request inventory replenishments from anywhere on almost any mobile device.
  • Combine a set of replenishment picks into one wave set with options to do drop shipping, truck deliveries, or LTL.
  • License plates are automatically assigned during picks for optimal staging, packing, shipping, and site transfer receipts at the retail locations.
  • Over 30 picking configurations to help you work the way you want.
  • We support compliance requirements for the movement of any products including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, food, and even cannabis.
  • Auto-assign or manually assign orders in round robin fashion.
  • Order picks with routes are automatically distributed in reverse stop order.
  • FEFO, FIFO, primary pick, or hybrid models.

Sites, Storage Lockers, and Drivers Working Together.

Cross Site Moves keep IT systems and omni-channel fulfillment in the know.

You could say we’ve mastered the art of site transfers.  Site transfers come in many flavors.

  • Site transfers are generated by user requests, API integrations, or min/max replenishment templates.
  • Support single scan license plate scans, or require full receiving processes.
  • Handles automatic QA hold and over receiving.
  • Use In-Transit locations to track inventory when its on the move.
  • Combine multiple replenishment transfers into a single pick and receive.
  • Full license plate support.